Ghost Place in the United States

Vance Creek Bridge in Washington State

This former railway bridge in the northwest of the United States has become a celebrity on social networks, notable thanks to the thousands of photos broadcast on Instagram.

Holland Island in Maryland

The rapid erosion of land led to the rapid abandonment of this island, which remained a single house that finally collapsed in 2010.

Rhyolite in Nevada

A ghost town built at the very beginning of the twentieth century, Rhyolite counted up to 10,000 inhabitants before being abandoned for economic reasons.

Bennett School for Girls in New York 

Founded in 1890, this former school for girls closed its doors in 1978, a very photogenic place and frequented by explorers, there emerges a beautiful atmosphere of the mystery of this great building.

Buffalo Central Terminal New York

This large building built in 1929 in the art deco style could accommodate up to 3200 passengers per hour. Abandoned in 1979.

Grand Island East Channel Light in Michigan

This old wooden lighthouse was built in 1868 and abandoned in 1913.

Michigan Central Station in Michigan

Built in 1913, it is one of the city's most emblematic landmarks and the most visited by urban adventurers. The last train left these docks in 1988.

Ano Nuevo Island in California

In the Pacific Ocean, north of San Francisco, this small island housed several 19th-century buildings before they were gradually abandoned by their occupants.

The Point Reyes abandoned boat in California

This abandoned boat that would have been brought here to be repaired by its previous owner. The land was bought by a company specializing in wetland restoration that would eventually have decided to leave the boat as well, making it an attraction attracting more tourists.

City Methodist Church in Indiana

Built in 1925, this church was the pride of the city of Gary, nearby in the immense Chicago suburbs, a violent fire ravaged what remained of it and with no hope of rehabilitating it.
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