17 Of The Most Stunning Cliff-Side Villages

Meteora Monasteries - Greece

One of the curiosities of Greece. These 24 monasteries 5 hours drive from Athens were established in the 11th century and were used as shelters, hence their location on top of rocks with vertical walls. They have been listed as Unesco World Heritage Sites since 1988.

Simonopetra Monastery - Greece

The imposing Monastery of Simonopetra is the most majestic of the 20 Orthodox monasteries on Mount Athos, hidden on a steep rock overlooking the sea from its 230 meters.

Constantine - Algeria

Constantine, a town in northeastern Algeria, set on a rocky plateau at 640 meters above sea level, has a unique charm due to its history and natural richness.

Civita Di Bagnoregio - Italy

Of 2,500 years, Civita di Bagnoregio sits on top of a rocky peak overhanging a vast gorge formed by two streams. The old town is accessible only by a long stone bridge.

Al Hajjara - Yemen

Al Hajjara is a historic 11th-century village perched in the high mountains of Haraz. The houses were built with stones carved from the mountain and finely carved by the prestigious Yemenite sculptors.

Tropea - Italy

Tropea, adorée des Italiens, rime avec plages ensoleillées, panoramas stupéfiants et bons restaurants ! Cette charmante station balnéaire de la côte calabraise domine depuis sa falaise les eaux cristallines de la Mer Tyrrhénienne.

Azenhas do Mar - Portugal

The village of Azenhas do Mar is one of the most picturesque places of Portugal, with its cluster of houses hanging from a small cliff. Below, one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal.

Arcos de La Frontera - Spain

Arcos de la Frontera is one of the most famous villages of "the road of the white villages" in the province of Cadiz. Located on a spectacular rocky outcrop, the city with its whitewashed façades reveals to its visitors the beauty of its traditional regional architecture.

Manorala - Italy

Manarola is the oldest village of the Cinque Terre, this beautiful coastal region of Liguria, its narrow streets with stunning charm, dominated by the church of San Lorenzo, the houses of the village tumble gently towards the sea and its charming little port.

Fira - Island of Santorini - Greece

Fira is the main city of the coveted island of Santorini. Located in the center of the caldera, its white houses adorned with blue seem to hang on the side of a cliff.

Sant'Agata de 'Goti - Italy

This medieval town perched on its cliff is a true jewel yet unrecognized. The well-preserved historical center is made up of narrow streets leading to tiny plots, churches, and a superb palace.

Pitigliano - Italy

The medieval city of Pitigliano is perched atop a cliff of tuff, originality of this city. Its innumerable narrow lanes, its small squares, its panoramas and its surrounding green countryside.

Rocamadour - France

Each year, a million visitors flock to discover this magical place. The most moving is the Notre-Dame chapel.

Metekhi - Tbilisi - Georgia

Metekhi is a historic district of Tbilisi in Georgia, a cosmopolitan and mestizo city full of architectural treasures that are worth discovering while walking. Among them, the beautiful church dating from the 13th century.

Bonifacio - France

Bonifacio is undoubtedly one of the most magnificent sites in the world. Protected by its high cliffs, the Citadel, built on a limestone cape so characteristic, proudly dominates the sea.

San Marino - Italy

San Marino, the 3rd smallest state in Europe after the Vatican and Monaco and the 5th in the world, the old fortified town built on Mount Titano has kept its medieval streets, impressive walls and interesting buildings. 

Cuenca - Spain

The city of Cuenca in the province of La Mancha Castilla is a dream for lovers of architecture.

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