10 places to visit during your holidays in Thailand

We present you 10 places not to miss during your stay in Thailand, the country seduces sometimes by its dream beaches, sometimes by its lush forests, the beauty permeates each of the places it is possible to visit.

Tham Khao Luang

There are several troglodyte temples in the country, but that of Tham Khao Luang is undoubtedly one of the most interesting. The sanctuary is therefore installed in a cave partially lit by natural light.

Bangkok, capital of Thailand

The city occupies an area of 1,569 km2, its population is over 9 million, The city has experienced tremendous growth from the 1960s and today has a central influence on political life, economic, cultural, academic and media of Thailand.

Chiang Mai

In the north of the country that Chiang Mai is discovering, Calmer than the capital, Chiang Mai is also appreciated for its historical and natural sites.

Khao Sok Park

Khao Sok Park covers about 750 square kilometers, this huge forest has 160 million years old, caves and lakes, the animals that inhabit in the virgin forest.

Ao Nang Bay

White sand, coconut palms, turquoise sea and steep cliffs create a setting worthy of the most beautiful View


Founded around 1350, became the second capital of Siam after Sukhothai. In 1700, Ayutthaya became the largest city in the world with a total of 1 million inhabitants. Today, only a few remains could give a glimpse of the impressive city they must have seen.

Chiang Rai

The city was founded by King Mangrai in 1262 and became the capital of the Mangrai Dynasty, Chiang Rai is also the starting point for excursions, all the way north of Thailand, and north of Chiang Mai, contemplates the beauty of the temples.

Parc Khao Yai

World Heritage by Unesco, The park covers an area of 2,168 square kilometers with innumerable varieties of plants and animals, some common mammals include elephants, bears, gaurs, deer barks, otters, gibbons, and macaques.


The city has a history dating back to the time of Dvaravati more than 1000 years ago. It was originally known as Lavo or Lavapura. the city and are impossible to avoid and for many monkeys are the main attraction


The historic site was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991. The temples, their lotus-shaped chedis and Buddha's are the results of unparalleled artistic mastery. The pools provide a refreshing and relaxing touch, perfect for meditation.

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